At New GPC Inc., quality is a priority and lays prominence on meeting customer expectations, continuous improvement and consistent regulatory compliance. We establish and adhere to the most rigorous operating procedures drafted by a qualified, highly trained and technically competent team. Our Quality Management System dictates an administration of comprehensive analytical testing, quality inspection and validation of all products and procedures, from souring of materials to packaging and distribution of finished product.

Our Quality team works persistently to continually upgrade our manufacturing facilities. Additionally, technological innovations are constantly being adopted to help us in achieving our mission - producing and exporting high quality products.New GPC Inc. places emphasis on Quality

We achieve continual improvement by conducting internal audits of all manufacturing sectors to ensure compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The team aims to identify deviations, correct errors, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance by means of risk assessments and by implementing the corrective and preventive actions throughout the organizations. Moreover, the Quality team conducts a variety of verification analyses to ensure product batches are compliant with standards prior to sales and distribution.

By doing this, our quality team ensures that every product produced in our facility is consistently manufactured to meet international standards of quality, safety and efficacy.



"The company is committed to the manufacturing and marketing of products of the highest quality which meet local and international regulatory requirements.

New GPC Inc. achieves this through a quality management system, which emphasizes comprehensive testing, inspection and validation of all products from input to finished formulation.

The company embraces the belief that its products and operations should undergo continuous improvement so as to satisfy and exceed customer expectations.

This is accomplished by managing product performance, by monitoring customer feedback and by undertaking continuous evaluations and research and development.

The company also recognizes the importance of retaining a qualified, highly trained and motivated workforce and the adherence to rigorous quality and compliance protocols."



"New GPC Inc. firmly believes in the importance of providing a healthy and safe environment for their employees. The company wholly accepts the aims and provisions of the Guyana Government's health and safety policy statement, the Factories Act, Chapter 95:02, the steam Broilers (Regulation) Act; Chapter 99:06, the Public Health Ordinance, and the Food and Drug Act; Chapter 34:03 Occupation Health and Safety Act 1997.

The Company also considers that all employees have an individual responsibility for strict adherence to all the company's safety rules and regulations and that they are obliged to co-operate with Management in maintaining good standards for health and hygiene."



"New GPC Inc. believes that the environment is everybody's business. The company is committed to manufacture and operate in a manner that ensures minimal impact on the environment. It is the company's policy to assure and consider the environmental integrity of its processes and facilities at all times. NEW GPC INC intends to achieve this by operating in compliance with all relevant environmental legislations, as well as use all pollution prevention measures to the best of the company's capabilities."