New GPC Inc. places emphasis on QualityAll products manufactured by NEW GPC INC. is guided by Good Manufacturing  Practices, which emphasize uncompromising quality control and maximum  productivity. The company utilizes its internal quality  controls as well as external independent laboratories within both the Caribbean and North America to ensure  that standards are maintained at the highest levels. Its highly qualified and experienced Quality  Control team ensures that both Quality Control and Quality Assurance are  practiced at all levels and in respect of all aspects of the Company’s  operations. Quality Assurance begins at the point of  sourcing of raw materials and continues through production and  concludes with the rigid testing of the finished formulations.

There  are several systems in place to ensure quality manufacture including the  procurement of raw materials to USP/BP specifications, strict adherence to  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP),  the continuous review of product design, ongoing updating of master files,  plant audits and full compliance with Government Analyst, Safety, Health and  Labour Regulations.