Lot A1 Farm, E.B.D., Guyana




NEW GPC INC. believes in providing employees with a healthy and safe work environment. The company wholly accepts the aims and provisions of Guyana’s Government Health and Safety policy. NEW GPC INC. recognizes that foremost in its duties and responsibilities to its employees is the need to provide and maintain safe, healthy and hygienic working conditions and practices. The company also considers that all employees have an individual responsible for strict adherence to all the company’s safety rules and regulations and that they are obligated to cooperate with management to maintain good health and safety standards.

Our Commitment:

To maintain a safe and healthy work environment, our company will

  • Provide employees with physical or mechanical safeguards to prevent or eliminate hazardous conditions.
  • Conduct routine safety and health audits to discover and eliminate unsafe working conditions or health hazards.
  • Investigate all accidents, injuries and incidents promptly and maintain disciplinary systems to ensure safety requirements are met.
  • Monitor all compliance changes about safety regulation and hazard mitigation.


Health and safety are integral aspects of the work environment. A lack of adequate safety standards and non-compliance may impact workforce productivity and significantly affect business sustenance in the long run. Therefore, it is essential to have optimal health and safety practices while ensuring that all employees adhere to such regulations.