Smell O Pine

Concentrated Disinfectant

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Product Description

A concentrated disinfectant that utilizes the natural deodorant and disinfectant properties of pine oil.

Product Ingredients

Pine Oil


Household Uses, Drains & Sinks, Sick Rooms [Standard Solution]: Add one teaspoonful of concentrated Smell-O-Pine to approximately 470mL of water and mix well.

Laundry: Add two tablespoons of Standard Solution per 4.5L of water.


Smell O Pine cleans deodorizes and disinfects. This product is recommended for use as a household cleaner to kill germs and deodorizes sinks and drains. It is also ideal for use in hospitals and medical centers for sterilizing utensils, instruments and even linen giving laundered clothes a clean smell.


<li>Store in a cool dry place</li>
<li>Protect from light</li>
<li>Consult a doctor if fever or pain gets worse or lasts for more than 3 days. </li>