Vitone Tonic Liquid Dietary Supplement

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Vitone is a formulation of vitamins and iron, which helps to maintain good health and vitality. Iron is used in the production of red blood cells and to enhance the immune system. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 aid in optimum mental development, supports neurological functions and energy metabolism. Vitamin A is an antioxidant used for skin, eyes, teeth and bones and Vitamin D is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorous and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.


Vitone helps to maintain a healthy immune response, mental alertness and overall general good health.

Active Ingredients

• Vitamin D
• Vitamin C
• Thiamin
• Riboflavin
• Niacin
• Vitamin B6
• Vitamin B12
• Zinc


Adults and children 4 years and older: 2 teaspoons daily before a meal.

Children under 4 years: Consult a doctor.