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International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Level III coach and course conductor, Christian Lilleroos, is currently on local shores to facilitate a High Performance Camp for Titans Table Tennis Club at the Red Cross Guyana Headquarters, Kingston.

The camp, which started on November 9th, is being held from 06:00hrs-08:00hrs, 16:00hrs-18:30hrs and 18:30hrs-20:00hrs. It is expected to be held annually.

Speaking at the official launch ceremony yesterday, Lilleroos revealed that the participants have displayed fantastic adaptability to the various new techniques, after a tentative first interaction.  According to Lilleroos, the players’ ability to sustain the five hours of intense training is impressive. He added that participation in High Performance camps is vital for players’ development, especially the ones who have ambition to play on the professional circuit.

Lilleroos, who has overseen similar camps in 50 different countries and coached 20 national teams, stressed the need for such initiatives, as it allows younger players such as cadets (10-15) to correct and improve their respective techniques through exposure to international methods.

He added, “You can be playing at 100mph (miles per hour) just nine feet part so it imperative you have a good reaction time. It is a sport with a very high level of science.”  He further stated that an area of concern is the lack of variety in serves. “The serves are just not good enough. They need to have  a high level of spin and good deception,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dwain Dick, President of Titans Table Tennis Club, said that the main objective of the camp is to develop efficient training structures within the club. Dick declared that the aim can be achieved through the utilisation of an expert.

Titans Table Tennis club member Ramdeo Kumar of Beacon Café disclosed that the timely support of the sponsors afforded the club the avenue to make the venture a reality. He praised the contributions of sponsors such as JGS Business Services, Bistro café, Courts Guyana, Payless Variety Store, VIVA Water and West Indian Sports Complex.

Additionally, Adam Rahaman, Brand Manager of Whizz stated that the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Company is pleased to be onboard with the venture as it aids the development of players, many of who will go on to represent Guyana proudly.

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